Immigration Policy Proposal

My Values

Immigrant rights are human rights. 

We must push back on the racist narrative that is currently being pushed by the current administration.

Our criminal justice system should treat everyone fairly regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, ability status, economic status, gender, or immigration status. 

Non-unanimous jury decisions exacerbate racial inequities. 

Nobody should be deported unless they commit a violent crime. 

Law enforcement should be transparent and held accountable for their actions. 

Nobody regardless of immigration status should be excluded from government assistance programs. 

We must create systems that allow government officials to better represent the interests of immigrants, including empowering immigrants to win elections at all levels of government.  

Everyone, regardless of employment status, income level, immigration status, age, race, gender, ability status, or sexual orientation should have access to quality healthcare that they can afford.

Families belong together.

ICE should not have access to non-public information about law-abiding residents. 

Tangible Policy Changes 

Protect Oregon’s sanctuary state status. 

Make every county in the state a sanctuary county. This reduces racial profiling and is especially important in Washington County, where 1 in 5 residents are an immigrant.  

Prevent state and county law enforcement from cooperating with ICE subpoenas. 

Prevent ICE from subpoenaing school or medical records. 

Increase the number of immigrants in every level of the criminal justice system (police, public defenders, judges). 

End non-unanimous jury decisions. 

Require prosecutors and judges to consider the immigration consequences of every criminal case where it is applicable.

Protect the right for undocumented folks to have drivers licenses

Protect the right for undocumented folks to receive support from government assistance programs, including the ability to pay in-state tuition at higher education institutions.