Proposal to Support Small Businesses

My Values

A skilled workforce is incredibly important for small businesses to thrive. They do not have the luxury of hundreds of employees and cannot spend weeks training new employees. 

Public studies and data sharing are important for leveling the playing field and allowing small businesses to compete with larger businesses. 

Deductions and credits are an effective tool for incentivizing individual behavior, but they must be done correctly and for the right reasons.

Small businesses should be given tax relief and increased deductions during times of economic downturn.

Big businesses should pay their fair share in taxes.

Primarily taxing business profits, rather than total revenue creates a more equitable system. 

Local businesses typically have better labor practices, lower environmental footprints, and greater overall community benefit.  

Small businesses need a transportation system that allows them to ship their products effectively and efficiently. 

Big businesses have a bigger and more powerful platform for communicating their needs to the government. Small businesses should be a given a similar platform, so the government can proactively support them. 

Tangible Policy Changes 

Increase the accessibility and dollar amount of business loans. 

Improve Oregon’s transportation system by investing in the necessary infrastructure, improving road maintenance, and alleviating traffic through the promotion of public transportation, walking, and bicycling. 

Invest in Oregon’s public education system, creating a stable budget model and reaching the QEM.

Invest in CTE and apprenticeship programs. 

Create more state corporate income tax brackets, lowering the rate for small businesses. Currently, Oregon has only 2 tax brackets, by comparison, there are 8 federal corporate income tax brackets. 

Increase the investment in public research that can be used to benefit small businesses across industries, ensuring freedom of this information.

Create a rainy day fund to give financial stimulus to small businesses during economic recessions. 

Eliminate the kicker. 

Temporarily increase labor deductions and lower payroll taxes for small businesses during times of economic downturn.