Houselessness Policy Proposal

My Values

Housing is a human right. Everyone deserves safe housing, that they can afford.

We should work to house every person who is currently without housing and support every person who is at risk of becoming houseless. 

A housing-first approach ends the cycle of houselessness.

A fundamental part of the problem with our housing system is that Oregon’s population has grown rapidly, and our supply of affordable housing has not kept up. We have a huge supply problem. Oregon has only 28 affordable units for every 100 ‘extremely low-income renter households.’ This is one of the lowest ratios in the country. See more here.

No cause evictions are unjust.

The government should provide financial assistance to those at risk of becoming houseless. 

People struggling with addiction should be provided supportive services at no cost, not put into the criminal justice system. 

Homeless shelters are critical to supporting our houseless neighbors but do not end the cycle of houselessness.

The most effective thing we can do to end the cycle houselessness is to provide long term housing.   

Tangible Policy Changes 

Increase the supply of free housing.

Increase the supply of affordable housing.

Increase the availability and number of tenant-based vouchers. 

End no-cause evictions. 

Provide financial incentives for developers to build affordable housing. 

Guarantee housing as a human right. 

Ensure everyone has access to mental health care and addiction treatment programs and resources.

Invest in mental health care and addiction treatment programs and resources.

Enact staffing legislation that increases the number of mental health professionals.  

Create programs that help folks who are houseless find employment. 

Expand Oregon’s social safety net. 

Reform our criminal justice system, giving folks who struggle with mental health or addiction the help they need rather than treating them as criminals.