For House District 33

Advocate. Educator. Father.

I am running for the Democratic nomination in House District 33 to build the future our children deserve. As an educator and father from the Cedar Mill area who attended Ridgewood Elementary, Cedar Park Middle and Sunset High School, I believe in Oregon’s future and I’m passionate about working together to improve our schools and communities for the benefit of all students and working families.


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Building Policies for Oregon Families

My experience as an educator has taught me to see the interconnections between many of the challenges our state faces. Students will not succeed if health or social-emotional problems mean they do not show up to school ready to learn. We cannot address the challenge of families experiencing homelessness without looking at the interconnections with access to affordable housing, reliable transportation, living wages, and quality schools. Health policy has shifted the conversation around health outcomes to social determinants of health (i.e. safety, education, housing security) in a way that is helpful to think about prevention. Educational policy should also consider the social determinants of education. That is, how does a child’s safety, health, food security, and housing situation impact their ability to learn. I look forward to advocating for this holistic approach to policymaking by understanding the interconnectedness of our community.

My Approach to Making Policy

Is the policy equitable?

Policy cannot serve only the people and groups that have power. Oregonians must evaluate policy decisions on the effects on people from historically marginalized groups. We must work for policies that directly address the gender, sexuality, economic, and racial inequities embedded with our society. I am committed to supporting policies that will build a more equitable future.

Was the process inclusive?

Process is incredibly important to me. I evaluate policy as both a means and an end. Oregon needs to continually build a larger tent where everyone is welcome to participate in our democracy. We must actively pursue diversifying voices at the policy table to ensure an inclusive process.

How will this affect the next generation?

I view policy through a long-term lens. Environmental, educational, and health policy should be framed around the long-term health of the community and our citizens. We must avoid short-term political acts that damage future generations. I am committed to prioritizing the future generation of Oregonians.


Oregonians are feeling the pressure of our healthcare system now more than ever. We must shift away from employer-based healthcare and ensure that everyone has access to affordable, quality healthcare. Simply having health insurance is not enough, as too many people are struggling with the rising costs of prescription drug prices, hospital visits, and procedures. I will fight to lower drug costs, increase transparency for pricing, and advocate to shift the revenue models to incentivize savings for hospitals rather than the traditional fee for service model. Our healthcare system is broken, and we need to shift the model now more than ever to a more patient centered, fiscally sustainable model.


As a product of Beaverton Public Schools, a former high school teacher and current professor of education policy, education is the central reason why I am running for the legislature. I have dedicated my career to teaching and learning about educational systems to improve outcomes for all students. At the system level, Oregon needs to revise the tax code to create a sustainable source of revenue for schools and reduce standardization. At the school level, we need to make schools safer and help every student find their passion. We need to ensure every school has trained counselors, school psychologists, and other mental health professionals to serve our students, as well as keep class size at a rate that allows for a strong relationship between the teacher and student. Our future economic success relies on a strong public education system.


Our growing population and rising economy are putting considerable pressure on the housing market and driving up costs. When housing is unaffordable to working families, it puts them at risk of homelessness and compromises our ability to create inclusive neighborhoods. The regional housing bond adopted last year, as well as the tenant protections enacted this year by the Legislature, will help. But there is more we can do to encourage affordable housing creation, while also protecting forest and farmland. In the Legislature, I will fight to increase tenant protections and help ensure more development dollars go into building homes that are affordable for working Oregonians and young families.


We must take serious steps to rebuild Oregon’s economy from the COVID-19 pandemic and create a robust economy moving forward. Workers and small businesses are the backbone of our economy and must be supported through these tough times. Workers need to have fair wages, fair benefits, safe working conditions, collective bargaining rights, and a strong safety net. I also support expanding unemployment benefits for laid-off and furloughed workers. Many small businesses are struggling with cash flow and making payroll. I will advocate for every level of government to support these businesses through financial stimulus, additional loans, and increasing labor deductions, ensuring that workers have jobs to come back to. In the longterm, we need to invest in enhanced workforce training and career/technical education, which are critical to providing our residents with the skills to find good jobs. My experience working for the Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency and as a School Board Member during the Great Recession will be invaluable for getting the most out of the state budget and rebuilding Oregon’s economy in the coming legislative session. 


Climate change represents the greatest threat to our collective future in the history of humanity. I support the Oregon Clean Energy Jobs proposal that was considered during the 2019 Legislative session and look forward to supporting the passage of this bill either on the ballot or in the 2021 Legislative Session. In Salem, I will advocate for a climate plan that gets Oregon to zero carbon by 2030. We need a state to step up and be an exemplar on climate action, and I see no better state than Oregon. I will work with federal, state, county, and local stakeholders to ensure that Oregon meets the challenge of climate change.


Oregon’s natural beauty is reflected in the green space and rural areas of House District 33. This was the environment I grew up in here and something that is important to preserve. I support our land use laws that protect forests and farmlands. I also think we must be attentive to air and water pollution that endangers the health of the public and puts our ecosystems at risk. Some of my priorities are regulating the shipping of fossil fuels through our communities; restricting the use of single use plastics; and preventing offshore drilling, fracking, and other fossil fuel extraction that threatens our wildlife. I also support the expansion of clean energy programs and incentives, and will work to ensure that all communities have access to clean water and healthy food options.


Homelessness is a moral crisis and we have to do more to take better care of our friends and neighbors. I believe in a housing first approach to help those experiencing homelessness, as well as housing assistance to those at risk of falling into homelessness.  In the Legislature, I will work to improve access to mental health and addiction treatment services that help people get their lives back on track. I will also advocate for more affordable housing in our community.


Our growing population is putting strains on our transportation network. Delays from traffic contribute to air pollution and sap the productivity of our economy. We must support all forms of transportation to provide better choices for residents, including effective public transit and active transportation options. I look forward to supporting the major transportation package currently being developed by Metro and regional partners. In the Legislature, I’ll fight for increased investments to modernize our transit systems.



“I’m pleased to support Andy Saultz for House District 33. We need his expertise in both teaching and educational policy in the Oregon Legislature. Andy’s passion for ensuring every child has a great education and his understanding of social determinants of education will serve Oregonians well.” — Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward

Elected Officials

Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward 

Senator Mark Hass

Senator Chuck Riley

Representative Paul Evans

Representative Sheri Schouten

Representative Jeff Reardon

Representative Tiffiny Mitchell

Representative Marty Wilde

Former, US Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse

Former, Metro Council President Tom Hughes

Washington County Commissioner Dick Schouten

Former, Washington County Commissioner Greg Malinowski 

Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett

Former, Portland City Commissioner and Multnomah County Commissioner Dan Saltzman

Former, Portland City Commissioner Jim Francesconi

Former, Multnomah County Commissioner          Loretta Smith

Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle

Beaverton City Councilor Cate Arnold

Beaverton School Board President Becky Tymchuk

Beaverton School Board Member Tom Colett

Beaverton School Board Member Donna Tyner 

Beaverton School Board Member Susan Greenberg 

Beaverton School Board Member Eric Simpson 

Beaverton School Board Member and Former President of the Oregon School Boards Association LeeAnn Larsen

Hillsboro Mayor Steve Callaway 

Hillsboro City Councilor Olivia Alcaire

Portland Public Schools Board of Education Member Eilidh Lowery  

Director Alex Díaz Rios – Portland Community College Board of Directors 

Director Denise Frisbee – Portland Community College Board of Directors 

Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District Board Member Wendy Kroger 


“With Andy’s deep background in education, I’m confident he’ll help move things forward for Oregon schools. His professionalism and knowledge of education policy will make him a first class addition to the legislature.”

Senator Mark Hass

Community Members

Susan Bender Phelps, Former Chair of the Democratic Party of Washington County*

Chrissy Erguiza, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus*

Sophia O’Neal, Vice President of the College Democrats of Oregon*

Kathleen Knight-Abowitz, Professor of Education

Amit Kobrowski, Sunset High School Teacher

Rishi Shah, Former Student

Rahmin Sarabi, Sunset High School Alum

Christopher R Prahl, Division Manager for a local construction company

Sydney Garl, School Nurse

Andee Zomerman, Beaverton School District*

Todd Sherwood, Sunset High School Basketball Coach

Chris Yaluma, Former Student

Dick Clark, CEO of the Portland Clinic

Matthew McClain 

Andrew Misk, Realtor

Justin Wang

Dion Baccus

Barb and JT Taylor

Vad Woodside

Nick Gideon, Physician and Teacher

Catherine Quoyeser, Realtor

Jen Kam

Karen and Dale Davis

Kerry Mandulak, Professor

Amanda Stead, Professor 

Peggy Snyder

Keith White

Mary Ellen Ramseyer

Rainse and Linda Anderson

Koby Shafer-Schweig

Kristy Dickinson, Retired Teacher

Ryan Buchanan

Joe B Hansen

*Organization names used for community member identification purposes only and do not imply the endorsement of the organization.





About Andy

Andy Saultz is running in the Democratic primary for House District 33 because he believes in Oregon’s future.  He is an educator and father with deep roots in Cedar Mill, with the progressive attitude and experience we need representing children and families. 

Andy grew up in the Cedar Mill area and attended Ridgewood Elementary, Cedar Park Middle and Sunset High School. He has always had a passion for politics and educational advocacy. In second grade, Andy was sent to the principal’s office for advocating a ‘no vote’ on Measure 5 too close to the polling station at Ridgewood.  In high school, he spent a lot of time on classwork and playing sports, where he was an all-Metro basketball player. He also started dating his now wife, Jenny, during their junior year at Sunset and followed his heart to Oregon State University. Andy was elected OSU’s student body president and also served as chair of the Oregon Student Association, a statewide organization that fights for college students. Andy was instrumental in the fight against tuition increases at OSU – helping delay a $3.2 million tuition increase for students. 

Following their marriage, Andy entered the masters in teaching program at Lewis & Clark College and Jenny studied to become a doctor. Upon graduation, he worked as a public high school social studies teacher, coached high school baseball, and was elected to the local school board. Andy also earned a PhD in Educational Policy from Michigan State University and then went on to work as a professor of educational policy at Miami University.

After Jenny finished her medical training, they moved back to their beloved childhood neighborhood. Andy was hired as an assistant professor and Program Director of PhD Program in Education and Leadership at Pacific University in Forest Grove. His research focuses on the interconnections of education and health policy and analyzes school accountability systems. He has published work on segregation, charter schools, Race to the Top, the Every Student Succeeds Act and teacher policy. Andy has also served as a faculty mentor for LGBTQ undergraduates and graduate students of color, working to improve campus culture and cultural competency in working with historically marginalized communities.

Throughout his adult life, Andy has been a volunteer in the community, working over the years at a nursing home, with the Salvation Army to feed people experiencing homelessness, and tutoring local high school students. Currently, he is a precinct committee person with the Washington County Democrats.

Andy and Jenny live in Cedar Mill. She is an oncologist at the Knight Cancer Center at Oregon Health Sciences University where she does bone marrow transplants and studies how to harness the immune system to fight leukemia. Together they raise their two sons, JD and Alexander.


Friends of Andy Saultz

P.O. Box 42307

Portland, OR 97242